Mini Mountain Ornament Tutorial

Mini Mountain Ornament Tutorial


  • Ruler
  • Iron (optional, all seams can be finger pressed if desired)
  • Piece of paper 3in x 2in
  • Marking tool (for paper)
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors (or rotary cutter + mat)
  • Pinking shears
  • Piece of string/ribbon at desired length (I prefer 4.5-6 inches)
  • 3in x 2in piece of batting
  • 3in x 2in Fabric 1 (mountain base)
  • 1.5in x 3in Fabric 2 (mountain top)
  • 2.5in x 2.5in Fabric 3, cut in half diagonally (sky) (or to make scrappy, 2 pieces 1.5in x 2in)
  • 3in x 2in Fabric 4 (backing)



  1. Mark a dot 0.25in from the top of the 3in side of piece of the paper, halfway across at 1.5in.
  2. Mark 2 dots on each edge of the paper 0.25in up from the bottom side.
  3. Using the ruler, draw a line connecting the top center dot to each bottom side dot.
  4. Cut out the Mountain Template. 
  5. Place Fabric 1 right-side-up. Position Fabric 2 right-side-down as desired on top of Fabric 1.
  6. Using a 1/8in seam, sew along the top edge of Fabric 2. Finger press or iron the seam however you like. I do not choose to trim the excess Fabric 1. 
  7. Position the Mountain Template over the Fabric 1-2 as desired (making sure the Mountain Template is completely covered by fabric). Cut around the Mountain Template to create the Mountain. 
  8. Place one of the Fabric 3 pieces right-side-up, with one of the angled sides of the Mountain aligned against the long side of Fabric 3. There should be more of Fabric 3 on the top side of the Mountain than the bottom. See Figure XYZ.
  9. Sew together, again with a 1/8in seam. Press (or finger press) the seam however you like (I press towards Fabric 3).   
  10. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for the other piece of Fabric 3.  
  11. Layer in the following order: Fabric 4 right-side-down, batting, Mountain right-side-up.  
  12. Use the pinking shears to trim just the top edge of the sandwiched Mountain Ornament. 
  13. Fold the string in half and tuck it 1/4in down between the batting and Fabric 4.  
  14. Holding the string in position, sew along the perimeter of the Mountain Ornament at 1/4in from the sides.
  15. Use the pinking shears to trim the remaining 3 sides.  
  16. Make some more! Share on Instagram with #
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