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Little Sister Sewing

Hexie Flower Suncatcher Window Decal

Hexie Flower Suncatcher Window Decal

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The Hexie Flower Suncatcher is a window decal that casts beautiful rainbows when positioned on a window that receives direct sunlight. The suncatcher features a rainbow of hexagons arranged in a traditional grandmother’s garden quilt pattern. It is easily able to be repositioned in order to follow the sun with the changing seasons. Each suncatcher comes with a set of instructions for how to use and best maintain it.


-Apply to your East-facing window to catch rainbows as you start your day.

-Apply to your West-facing window to catch rainbows with the setting sun.

-Apply to your South-facing window to have beautiful rainbows dance across your space all day long!

Crafted with precision and passion, Little Sister Sewing suncatchers are not just mere decorations but expressions of love that resonate with quilters and quilt-admirers alike. Made in the USA!

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